Why it is important to choose the right architecture firm in Malaysia

During building construction, hiring the right architectural firm & engineering company can protect your interests and save you time and money.

Architecture is the process of the planning, design and construction of buildings or other structures. An architecture firm is a company that employs one or more architects and practices the architecture profession. Everybody knows that a company that offers architectural services is an architectural firm.

Having an excellent architectural design and work done is not an easy task, so getting the right architecture firm in Malaysia is very important. You may get recommendations from colleagues, or you may be randomly making calls and searching for an architect without any detailed knowledge of them. These are the several important things to consider when you’re looking for that ideal match to make sure you hire the right architectural firm.

The following are the things you need to take into account when hiring an architecture consultancy:

  • Know The Architectural Firm’s Reputation
  • Consider Cost Planning & Budget
  • Having Direct Contact
  • Choose The Multidisciplinary Consulting Firm


IPM Professional Services (IPMPS) is a leading multi-disciplinary design consultancy firm, integrated with architectural consultancy, engineering consultancy, master planning and cost planning. IPMPS is registered with Board of Architects Malaysia (LAM) and Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), and certified with ISO certification 9001:2015.

IPMPS provide comprehensive design consultancy services including architecture, civil engineering, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, master planning, and cost planning. Our experienced professional architects and professional engineers have vast experience in architecture design and engineering design for various types of development like high-rise apartments and condominiums, landed residential, commercial, industrial building and factory.

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