5 Effective Waterproofing Solutions to Resolve Water Leakages

Repair Cracks with Cement Sealant
A low-cost waterproofing approach cementitious waterproofing involves combining cement with acrylic chemicals to make a long-lasting waterproof substance. This approach is widely used to seal areas prone to gathering water on building sides or flat cement roofs. A contractor will apply a layer of the cement mixture to fill in hairline fractures and prevent them from spreading further. However, it is crucial to know that cement might break over time, especially in Malaysia’s changing weather conditions.

Apply Asphalt Coating on Cement Flat Roofs
Asphalt, also referred to as bituminous coatings, is a petroleum-based waterproofing solution that provides flexibility and strain resistance. It is widely used on flat roofs and can be sprayed or applied as an adhesive. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight might lead it to break, necessitating the application of an additional cement coating. It is also not suggested for indoor use due to the possibility of harmful odours being emitted.

Fill Cracks with PU Injection
Polyurethane (PU) injection is a technique that includes injecting an expanding liquid into gaps in the ceiling. The procedure entails drilling a hole and filling the crack using a motorised pump. While this approach can cover a large surface area, it may not fill every hairline crack completely.

Protect Floors with Epoxy Resin Coating
Epoxy resin coating is a low-cost option for filling gaps in floors, roofs, and balconies. It also has anti-slip characteristics. Periodic touch-ups and reapplication of epoxy coatings may be required, as with other procedures. There is also a pre-cleaning procedure and a waiting period before the floor can be securely walked on again.

Opt for Nanotechnology Waterproofing
It is advisable to seek the assistance of waterproofing specialists for a dependable and trouble-free solution. Nano-G provides a non-toxic, non-hacking procedure that uses nanotechnology to build a thin coating film that efficiently seals even the tiniest hairline fractures. This cutting-edge technology is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor uses and emits no dust or odours. The waterproofing procedure is swift, with a 24-hour drying time, allowing you to continue utilising your bathroom, balcony, or ceiling without interruption.

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