What is structural engineering?

Structural engineering involves the study and design of systems such as buildings, bridges, towers, underwater structures, dams, tunnels, retaining walls, and other infrastructure. Structural engineering & structural design underpins and sustains the built environment, where buildings must be safe, serviceable, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and economical. Structural engineering applies mathematics and physics to traditional construction materials such as cement, concrete, steel, wood, and glass and revolutionary engineering materials, including titanium, aluminum, polymers, and carbon fibers.

Building Structural Engineering

Building Structural Design

The structural design shall specify the type of structure that is suitable for a particular function, the materials to be used, the loads and other actions to be carried out by the structure and the configuration, arrangement, and dimensions of its various components.
Structural architecture shall provide detailed measurements to ensure that:

  • The structure is very stable.
  • All parts have enough strength to withstand design loads.
  • The structure as a whole will remain serviceable throughout its construction life and will be able to serve its intended purpose.
  • At the end of the day, structural architecture involves careful preparation of sketches that will convey engineering design to the builders who will create the structure.

Building Structural Analysis

Building structural research & analysis is an integral aspect of the structure’s architecture. It needs building inspection and the calculation of the response of the structure to the design loads and the deformations that it will have to undergo during its lifetime. In structural engineering, the term ‘deformation’ refers to whether the object is changed temporarily or permanently due to the force applied. These calculations allow structural engineers to choose the right construction material and to ensure that it is appropriate for the purpose for which it is built.

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