Patterned Carpet Brings Some Fun to Your Floors

For decades now, the knee-jerk strategy was to use one neutral color throughout the home when choosing a carpet. This homogenized idea of flooring created a neutral canvas that was uncomplicated. Then the hardwood flooring revolution came along and, in contrast, a home full of beige carpet seemed a bit boring. Carpet manufacturing firms saw this market trend and took the counter action. They began to develop unique designs that mimicked on-trend area rugs and brought back the carpet to the modern home successfully. Why not replace your current flooring with some fun patterned carpet to brighten up the boring environment? Here are some creative ideas in your home for using the latest patterned carpet designs.

Patterned carpet tiles : customize your carpet tiles

Patterned Carpet Tiles for Open Space

Many homeowners struggle with the occasional problem that they are frustrated by having an open floor plan. Open floor plan or space are usually the combine the kitchen, dining area, and living room. Accent carpet is a great way to create the illusion in a wide wallless room with separate areas. For identifying the living room as a separate entity from the kitchen and dining area, we recommend using patterned carpet. Choose a bold pattern in light neutral colors for example grays, creams, and tans for this area to keep the space from becoming too busy while adding some depth to the area.

Patterned Carpet for Staircase

Many of us have a beautiful hardwood, laminate or tiled entrance which welcomes guests into the home. The first thing that visitors can see in some homes is a staircase leading to the second floor, not necessarily an eyesore, but you can do something to that plain old staircase. Consider carpeting stairs in a beautiful abstract printing. While this will definitely bring some visual interest you might have been looking for.

Bedroom Carpeting

Develop a relaxing atmosphere in the master bedroom, using the carpet design in soft shades. Watch the textured monochromatic woven patterns: swirls, diamonds, or waves that create the perfect sense of serenity. Select soothing shades of gold, dusty gray-blue, or misty sea-foam.

Patterned Carpet tiles for Small Space

Through building an eye-popping visual space for a playroom, a computer study room, a small library or a hobby area, using patterned carpet as a design element by itself proved to be a wise choice for small area or space. You can go bold with a pattern in those small, defined spaces, as long as the colors jive with the rest of the central decor theme of the home.

As you can see, it is your imagination that limits the many decoration choices for using patterned carpet tiles. Rethink carpeting as a decoration on the furniture, rather than just a stepping floor. This careful balance with the selective use of patterned carpet coupled with basic furnishings is striking the secret to success. The patterned carpet tiles can create the optical texture illusion, set the mood of the decor and add personality to any room.

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