Carpet Tiles More Cost Saving?

Price is a major factor in judgment on which type of flooring to install. It is important that your chosen flooring solution meets your company’s needs with a limited budget and did the job cost-effectively. With that in mind, we look at the typical cost of carpet tiles; and compare their total cost with three other leading flooring solutions: vinyl composite tiles (VCT), luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and broadloom carpet.

It is true that carpet tiles are more costly in general than luxury vinyl tiles and of course it is more expensive than composite vinyl tiles. Broadloom or conventional carpet has the widest price range, existing on the flooring market at both the lower and higher ends.

Carpet Tiles Cost & Pricing

However, the comparison of flooring costs must be in-line with their features. While VCT offers good value, it lacks many of the benefits that carpet tiles can provide which is including reduced ambient noise, enhanced comfort underfoot, lower risk of slips and falls, and greater flexibility in colour, pattern and design.

Rather than evaluating the price of each flooring type in general, it is important to consider first how and where your flooring will be used and search for a flooring style that can meet your requirements.

What other cost that you should consider?

The cost of the carpet cleaning and maintenance (both broadloom and tile) is relatively low. Daily vacuuming and detergent-free deep cleaning provide an effective and efficient way to extend your carpet’s life. If carpet gets worn or stained, it is much easier to make the removal and replacement of individually affected carpet tiles.

Vinyl composite tile requires regular waxing to preserve its appearance, ensuring the wax be regularly removed, reapplied and polished. Luxury vinyl tile has built on VCT, with products that require’ no wax’ in the way of daily waxing. Instead LVT’s presence can often be preserved with a one-time maintenance forseveral years into its existence. LVT therefore costs less to maintain than VCT, however, both hard surface materials would usually cost more to clean and maintain than carpet tiles and broadloom.

The installation cost

The installation of carpet tiles products have a distinct advantage over broadloom. If you install long, continuous broadloom rolls, the edges often need to be trimmed to suit your space. As a result, broadloom generates usually more wastage and takes longer installation time. In comparison, the modular design of the carpet tile ensures that installation of the carpet tile will be much easier and prevent any waste of material. Besides, carpet tile requires only those damaged tiles to be replaced, a method that is much more cost-effective than either removing the whole carpet, or patching in new parts of broadloom.

For each of these flooring types, the overall cost will serve as a guide to help you find the best flooring solution for your organisation. That choice, however, depends on more than just cost alone. It’s important to consider your organization’s needs–in terms of ambient noise, comfort underfoot, architecture, protection and so on–and choose a flooring solution that matches your needs.

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