Carpet tiles cost in Malaysia

Some carpet flooring will take up a huge chunk of one’s budget towards renovation, which is completely necessary in any commercial or office premises. Not to mention the labor needed to build a base and lay tiles, the average cost of flooring will set you back from a few hundred to maybe even a few thousand ringgit. Of course the amount of carpet tiles installation depending on the type of material or finish you use, style, brand, area size and other factors.

Carpet tiles cost depend on the material

A carpet tiles cost is heavily dependent on the material from which it is made. Carpets consist of an upper stack layer which is connected to a backrest. The pile used to be made 100 per cent of wool, but after the 20th century, the 80/20 mix and synthetic fibers became the common alternative, as it was less costly than wool. The average cost per square feet for Synthetic Fiber carpets ranges from RM 4.5-RM 15. Whereas, the more expensive carpets made of natural fibers such as Wool that differ between RM45 – RM60 per square feet depending on the nature fiber type.

Compared to pile wool, synthetic fabrics such as nylon , polyester and polypropylene were much easier to use. The forms of fibres are either known as synthetic or natural. Machines are made of synthetic fibre. Much of the carpets manufactured today are synthetic materials including Nylon , Polyester, Triexta, and Polypropylene. Natural fabrics have their own roots. They are harvested and then made into tapestry. They are carpets made from fabrics like Wool , Silk, Cotton, Jute, Coir, etc.

Carpet coverage

Without knowing how big the area carpet tiles need to cover you can not get a fair estimate of the cost. And some shops take advantage of consumers by selling them even more carpet than they need. To prevent this measure your spaces, and render an area diagram. Indicate places at the door and wardrobe, among other protrusions. The diagram should also show the height and depth of the steps.

The time and energy needed to find the cost of your preferred carpet material, measure the area of your room, find the pattern you fancy, and other decision-making considerations would inevitably wash your time down the drain – and we have not even discussed the installation process yet! Therefore, there is always a possibility to employ a specialist like Stellar Design to fulfill your desired needs and budget without compromising on design.

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