Why you need a professional water tank cleaning & water tank disinfection services

Cleaning and disinfecting the building water storage tanks annually is one of the most important steps you can take to provide safe water for consumers in your building. There are several reasons why you must do the water tank cleaning & disinfecting annually.

water storage tank cleaning

The health concern for people who use the water

Healthcare professionals are used to the increased care given to people who have a compromised immune system and are more vulnerable to bacteria-spreading diseases, and thing become worse when they are exposed to the source water which is not cleaned. We will never know the physical and health conditions of residences using the water source from the building’s water storage tank. Elderly people, pregnant women, infants and children, people who are lack of nutrition are those people who will most probably exposed to the bacteria in the water and increase likelihood of getting diseases.

The water storage tank’s conditions that make it ideal for bacterial to growth

Contamination are frequently found at the base of the water storage tanks which react to bacteria. These contamination or sediment also provides the nutrition needed to grow bacteria. Normally, sufficiently high temperatures in storage tanks will kill bacteria. However, sediment may serve as a protective layer for bacteria and germs from these high temperatures,. Typically, storage tanks go through periods of stagnation leading to bacteria amplification.

water storage tank maintenance and cleaning

Highly recommended by experts

The experts list water storage tanks as areas where Legionella bacteria can grow. In addition, expert states that physical water tank cleaning is one of the ways that you can effectively help prevent contamination of your water system by bacteria.

Many country’s local government is actually required establishments of cleaning domestic water tanks in the building. Thus, hiring an specialist in water tank cleaning is essential as they will perform water storage tank cleaning and disinfection according to international standard.

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