How to solve iPhone 7 overheating problem

iPhone 7 overheating problem

There’s several reports that the iPhone 7 have overheating problems since the day 1. Some of these claims were valid and they have been resolved over time by Apple through updating the iOS. Some stories were somewhat exaggerated, often fueled by viral video of the iPhone 7 being caught on fire and other viral stuff. However, most of these later turned out either to be fake or caused by a faulty battery.

Bottom line: iPhone 7 has no signs of overheating risk.

When intense CPU – guzzling activities are running in the background, it’s common for a device to overheat. Don’t be shocked if your iPhone 7 hits uncomfortable heat levels if you are playing augmented reality games with your phone, streaming live on Facebook or something similar.

The iPhone 7 troubleshooting steps are simple when it comes to overheating:

  1. Kill all apps that are GPU-straining.
  2. If you have closed all apps, and your phone is still uncomfortably hot, it could be the guzzler apps are still running in the backend. Reboot the iPhone 7.
  3. You have restarted the phone but it’s still overheating? Look for an app you’ve just installed or updated, which could be the reason that causes the problem. Simply uninstall it from your phone if you found an app that you suspected.
  4. Try perform the recovery and DFU mode of iPhone 7 if they are still overheating.
  5. If you still feel the heat after the above steps, then it could be a iPhone 7 hardware problem. You should turn it off and go to a reliable technician for a repair session to avoid any further damage to your mobile.

iPhone Repairs Melbourne

The iPhone 7 is a powerful, sturdy phone. The iPhone 7 is fine for water and dust as long as you don’t misuse it by tossing it into the water or a sand dune. Its case is tightly sealed with an adhesive that keeps that out. This adhesive is also what makes it more difficult for you to do self-repair as its harder to open the case.

Our troubleshooting suggestion is, whether the device is insured or not, never try to open it on your own. Always schedule an appointment with a reliable phone repair in Melbourne that’s convenient for you to fix your iPhone 7 problems.

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