iPhone X Screen Replacement Cost

When you finally get the highly anticipated iPhone X in your hands, whatever you do, don’t drop it. Why? Because you will behold back by around $279 to replace the screen or $549 for damage beyond the warranty.

iPhone X Repair Costs

To put things in perspective, the iPhone 8 screen replacement is cost around $169, and $399, according to Apple’s updated service pricing page, for other damage. In the case of the iPhone X, that is more than $110 and $150 respectively.

That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering that the iPhone X sports a Super Retina OLED as opposed to the iPhone 8’s IPS LCD, not to mention that its TrueDepth camera, which powers Face ID, is at risk when it’s dropped. In short, the iPhone X has some fairly expensive components, meaning that the $279 to get a screen replacement and the $549 to fix other components, such as liquid damage, which is more than half the original price of the smartphone.

A Must-have : AppleCare+

That’s where AppleCare+ works wonders to keep the costs down. Nonetheless, the warranty program is still more costly at $199 for the iPhone X. In comparison, the iPhone 8 is $149— a $50 disparity. The benefits of having your iPhone X in AppleCare+ outweigh the cost. That’s because you’re going to fork just $29 for screen repairs and $99 for other damages irrespective of which iPhone model you have, including the iPhone X. In other words, if you drop your iPhone X and break its screen or damage its other components you would save a lot.

The Bottom Line

Paying up $199 for AppleCare+ seems to be worth it since repairs for the iPhone X are costly at $279 for a screen replacement and $549 for other damages outside of your warranty. Long story short, it’s recommended that you get the extended warranty package from Apple to potentially save more in the long term.

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