Malaysia 1st Engineering Consultancy Franchise

Everyone heard about the franchise system, from what i know franchise is usually something related to food and beverage from international brands such as Mcdonald’s, KFC, Domino Pizza, Burger King to local franchise restaurant such as Old Town, Pappa Rich…

It is very common that franchise is a business model that not only can expand your business coverage but also setup business opportunity to those who interest in growing the business together. Lately, i’ve been quite surprise to find out that even an engineering consultancy in Malaysia running their businesses in Franchising model.

IPM Professional Services is the one i mentioned above. IPM the first professional engineering consulting firm to be granted a Franchise License by Government of Malaysia. IPM was established back in years 2008, IPM is a consultancy firm that provides various consultancy services such as engineering consultancy services, architectural consultancy services, master planning consultancy and cost planning consultancy.

IPM Professional Services Sdn Bhd - Engineering & Architectural Firm Malaysia

IPM aim to be ASEAN’s largest professional consultancy firm in the building and construction industry, contributing to great civilisation in ASEAN region. IPM business roadmap focuses on expanding their network through Franchise in ASEAN region. According to IPM, the franchise business model is a win-win situation for both IPM and franchisees; whereby franchisees receive assistance and guidance from IPM to develop their own Engineering Consultancy Practice (ECP) businesses, while IPM receives royalty as remuneration.

IPM have built up a strong foundation in their central management Hub. With their resources and expertise, IPM able to ensure a successful combination of keeping overheads to a minimum and fully supporting their chain offices and franchisees.

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