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Few decades ago, People are use to rely on printed advertising channel to promote their business. Be it a yellow pages, magazines, newspaper, flyers or brochures.. however you can hardly found it nowadays.

Traditional printed media such as newspaper and magazines all slowly turn into online portal in order to survive in for the past decade. One of the most recent example in Malaysia is Malay mail. Malay mail is the earliest news media back in Malaya times, however, despite its glorious history in Malaysia they are making a decision to stop printing newspaper and turn their business direction by focus only in the online news portal. Its a brave and bold steps.. And is the necessary move to stay in business.

Newspaper & Magazines

Not to mentioned the online news portal. What about the small and medium businesses around Malaysia react and doing in this new era business environment? The idea of getting business automated and digitized is still new to many Malaysian, especially those who established the business back in 20-30 years ago.. However the occurrence of new competitors and fast changing pace in the industry.. They either choose to adapt and take the new challenges or run out of business slowly. And that’s what i’m going talk today. ” Time to adapt to new business environment, get digital, get automate, get online ‘

You might say.. Hey we are just a small businesses do we need to get up to trend as well. The answer is absolutely yes. Even though you only operate a small businesses, you still need to make sure your business is prominent and able to be found … at least in your suburb or city. Having said that you need some digital platform to achieve that. Yeap. You are right. Is Google!

For me.. It is a basic for you to create at least a Google business listing for your business. Put in your business address. Email and phone number. That is essential for people to get to you. After that you can consider setup your own website or online store… and there you go. Further more you can put some effort in building up your website’s visibility through implementing proper SEO strategy or just simply get the Google ads / SEM running

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