What you need to do with your cracked smartphone screen?

Have you break your smartphone screen before? I’m sure most of the people did. It is definitely a terrible experience when you broken your smartphone screen before.

No body want the bad experience such as shattered their smartphone screen but, here are some tips for you when it comes to dealing with your cracked smartphone screen.

Cracked Smartphone Screen / Cracked iPhone Screen

Don’t Pull Off The Screen Protector

In certain cases, the smartphone screen is shattered even there is a screen protector on it, due to the huge impact that broken the phone. You’re going to end up pulling off some of the glass off the touch screen if you pull it off the screen protector right away as the pieces of glass will stick to the back of the screen protector. 

You might not be able to use your smartphone at all after you pull out the screen protector because you’ll make the cracked screen even worse. There is no point to remove the screen protector as you won’t be able to put it back on. So, remember, don’t remove it.

Only remove the screen protector only if you are 100% sure it is the screen protector cracked and the screen is OK, then you can try your luck !

Using Transparent Adhesive Tape

People are usually procrastinate when it comes to replace the smartphone screen this is probably because they might need to without the phone for several days and of course they will need to spend some money on the repairing cost.

Whether or not you decide to replace the smartphone screen or just continue to use it, adding an extra layer of transparent packing tape will help keep glass shards from dropping everywhere as well as prevent the cracked screen from cutting your finger.

Smartphone screen replacement / smartphone screen repairs

Adding Screen Protector on The Cracked Screen

Apply the screen protector can help to conceal small cracks on your smartphone screen. But, if the smartphone screen is severely damage, adding the screen protector won’t hide the damage much, However, it will still allow you to use your device’s screen for a much longer period compared to using adhesive tape.

Using the screen protector is probably a worthy low cost alternative, otherwise, get your iPhone screen replacement or Samsung Galaxy screen replacement done before the screen becomes worse and affect your daily usage.

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