Motivate yourself for cleaning tasks

People need to be in the right headspace and the right mood to do the cleaning job, I don’t know what you need to do to get there, but if I’m not in the mood for cleaning I literally waste time doing everything else but cleaning.

Some of you have asked what exactly I meant by being in the right headspace, many have asked how does one get into the right headspace and how could you motivate yourself to start cleaning.

It’s a great question and I did want to share with you some of the tips and tricks I use to get motivated to clean my home. I was not born to love cleaning for sure, as living in Sydney, so sometime i will look for the cleaning services in Sydney, but today is all about cleaning by yourself.

Cleaning Tasks

1) Clean in the morning

I read somewhere that if you put the most daunting task of your day at the beginning of your day it’ll get done quicker and you’ll end up enjoying the rest of your day knowing that you’ve already taken care of the most challenging part of that day. The best part is, you get to go through the rest of your day with this wonderful sense of accomplishment and money can’t buy that.

2) Set a schedule and stick to it

Things that get scheduled have a better chance of getting done. Now I’m not talking about setting a schedule for each room that needs to be clean, although you could do that, but I mean schedule yourself, maybe an hour or 90 minutes each week that you just dedicate to cleaning.

3) Prepare your stuff

Have all of your tools and products in one spot and before you get down to any kind of cleaning make sure you have your cleaning kits stocked.

Get cleaning

4) Set a cleaning routine

A list of cleaning tasks that you need to follow that will help you stay on track to do your work. It will help you get where you need to be in a quick and efficient manner.

5) Avoid Distractions

To avoid temptations, turn off your cell phone, your TV your, computer, just turn off and tune out “this is your time to care for your home”. Facebook, your text messages and Instagram will all be there when you’re done.

6) Have some music playing

A little music can go a long way, especially when it comes to cleaning. So, have some music playing while you’re attending to your chores, maybe it’s classic rock or disco, hip hop, country whatever it is. There’s no doubt that some music will get you in the mood for cleaning.

How to motivated for cleaning

Think of all the positives that come from cleaning, it’s been proven time and again that a clean home leads to a happy moment of your life. So, the process of cleaning is actually the process of building a happier life and trust me on this one, it’s much easier to enjoy your time in any space, be it a living space or even your work space when that space is a clean space.

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