What role do manpower agencies play in Malaysia’s economic growth?

The current market has been receiving so much pressure as retailers are constantly running out of goods. As retailers raise a concern about not having enough supply for their goods makes it extremely difficult for the people to purchase their needed goods for their daily lives. Therefore, the Malaysian economy is affected due to part of the cycle and is badly affected. Taking a look back at the core of this issue it is indeed evident that it lies in the factors of manufacturing and in manufacturing the challenge that they face for not being able to meet the demand is simply because they lack manpower support in the production process.

This is when the importance of a manpower agency in Malaysia steps in. As of now, in the year 2022, the Malaysian manpower agency is one of the utmost highly demanded sectors. Manufacturers are constantly trying to get hold of these agents or consultants in the hope of being able to get a team of workers who are able to assist them with their manufacturing procedures. However, in Malaysia, the demand for the position of factory operator is relatively low. As the majority of Malaysians chooses to work in the white-collar field instead of blue-collar.

As the Covid 19 struck the world, there were many uncertainties revolving around the Malaysian economy, and part of it was the cause of the manufacturing industry. This disastrous situation was due to the lack of manpower. The Malaysian manpower economy is of the utmost importance in uplifting the current economical situation. Here are some of the reasons why a manpower agency is dominating the Malaysian economy.

In 2022, a memorandum between Malaysia and Bangladesh stated that the list of recruitment companies would be released upon the approval of the government. The government of Malaysia and Bangladesh have agreed on setting just certified and a certain number of recruitment agencies to take the charge of hiring Bangladesh workers. Therefore, the demand for Bangladesh workers rapidly increases and the process of hiring them is never a simple one and it requires a bunch of procedures to stay aligned with the expectations of manufacturers and requirements of the government.

Some manpower agency in Malaysia are equipped with the required resources that are able to support their clients with their needs. For instance, in this case, big clients such as manufacturers are usually tied up with big money and their commitment is high. Therefore, these types of clients are usually the ones who seek such services, which is a manpower recruitment agency plus payroll services. Therefore, this demand directly or indirectly increases. The Malaysian manpower agency is one of the most important services, therefore, these are the few ways it had rised in demand.

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