What is Building Defect Assessment

Building imperfections are no longer a sensitive topic for the general public. These days, new buildings are also susceptible to it, so it no longer just affects older ones. Depending on how serious they are and how they affect public safety, the flaws can be minor or major. What kinds of construction flaws can be caused by:

  • Design defect
  • Material defect
  • Workmanship defect
  • Aging of the building
  • Act of god

Major flaws like building settlement, soil erosion, and structural crack are incomparable to minor flaws like non-structural crack, wall dents, water leakage, corrosion, and general deterioration. Minor flaws are usually not a big deal and won’t put anyone in danger right away, but they can affect a building’s structural integrity over time, which can put people in danger. Therefore, whenever a minor flaw is found, it will also be corrected. Actions and precautions must be taken without delay in the event of major building defects.

A building defect assessment is similar to a “surgery investigation.” Building Defect Assessment services provided by BRS have included inspecting the building’s conditions, carrying out the necessary investigations, and producing a building defect assessment report. With the support of a professional engineer, our defect appraisal report will include observations, a discussion, recommendations, and conclusions (as appropriate). If significant flaws are discovered while conducting the Building Condition Assessment, a Building Defect Assessment will also need to be done.

Building defects, poor design decisions, or consequences of natural disasters that could affect the structure of a building and shorten its lifespan are all examples of building defects. The worst case scenario could result in a building collapse or fire. Defects can also endanger the safety of users in addition to aesthetic problems. Therefore, it is essential to hire qualified consultants to conduct a building defect assessment in order to identify the underlying causes and explore potential solutions.

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