Disinfection cleaning services is in demand in 2021

COVID-19 has gravely affected businesses and operations across sectors. However, on a refreshing note, the ongoing pandemic has resulted in a rise in demand for certain services. Cleaning disinfection and sanitization have seen a 95 percent rise in demand during the current crisis, according to a recent Middle East Facility Management Association (MEFMA) report by business consulting company Frost & Sullivan. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning facilities were placed second on the list, with demand rising by 49 percent. Besides, during the time, the facility management sector also saw an increase in demand for security services.

According to the leaders of tech firms, new ways to clean or disinfect buildings, surfaces, and clothes are seeing increased demand. Like many business owners, disinfect business has pivoted during the pandemic. The pre-pandemic niche: cleaning and disinfecting bloody crime scenes and the homes of hoarders. As the coronavirus spread, their skills of disinfecting business began attracting a new range of clients seeking to ward off the unseen threat before anyone got sick or kill any trace that might be left by workers who tested positive. Demand has doubled. A lot of their client want the disinfecting cleaning done by tomorrow because they had somebody test positive and also they don’t want to shut their business down.

As the U.S. mobilizes to combat the coronavirus, work opportunities for cleaners are shooting through the roof, but hiring is likely to plunge in sectors that suffer most from everyday life interruptions. Compared to a year ago, the online work platform ZipRecruiter says help-wanted advertisements for cleaners are on track to rise 75% in March 2020. By comparison, in January 2020, they were just 24 percent higher. “Demand for cleaning workers has increased enormously,” Julia Pollack, a labor economist at ZipRecruiter, told MarketWatch. “We haven’t seen much change in February, but we’re seeing a big shift in the first few weeks of March.” Through sanitizing and deeply cleaning their premises, many businesses, workplaces and transportation systems are trying to ensure customers are safe. This is contributing to a dramatic rise in demand for cleaning service.

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