Cleaning Services is Essential During Covid-19 Pandemic

Professional cleaners are one of them whom on the front lines to maintain our homes clean. Our main role in this pandemic of COVID-19 is to battle with this virus and to help minimize the risk of infections to relieve the burdens on our healthcare services, medical supplies and equipment. Our position in this battle is crucial and necessary for the safety and protection of our serving communities and our world.

As many know, COVID-19 targets our lungs which may contributing in serious viral pneumonia to severe conditions. Poor indoor air quality (generally results from ash, dust, dander build-up in a house) not only can harm people with respiratory illness-but can also carry / transmit bacteria attached to particles of ash, dust, or dander in the air. Poor indoor air quality can cause or result to infection growth which means a greater risk of airborne exposure and an exacerbation of symptoms until any virus is contracted.

Professional cleaning services matters more than ever today. Most of our residential customers solely rely on weekly or monthly cleaning services. Some of the people actually not able to do simple cleaning duties at all due to physical or mental health conditions, and they definitely not able to perform deep cleaning and sanitizing as well which is currently very crucial now during COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, a good cleaning services in the community is essential and necessary – especially now.

COVID-19 will not go away even after the “lockdown” has ended. It is an issue need to be resolve, the society needs to be quickly adapt and move forward with new norm as the virus will still be around for quite some time. And we as the professional cleaning services will be playing an essential role during these period. Our customers will now rely on the cleaning services, particularly now that indoor air quality and the needs of sanitization & disinfection of our homes is the only defense line as per the recommendations.

House cleaners are extremely important now. we are like any other industry in our local community, providing the essential services.

As the best house cleaning services in Sydney, we instruct all our cleaners to implement new practices as per the safety guidelines for their own protection and for the community. Our professional house cleaner will also maintain the established social distancing protocols while performing the cleaning work, as well as the sanitization and disinfection procedures as per the guidelines. It is more important now to have a properly cleaned house, good indoor air quality. proper and regular sanitization.

Professional house cleaning services are playing an important role to the community during these times. To most clients who employ our services, cleaning is necessary as they depend on us for their well being and health of their life.

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