What Are Digital Door Locks and When Should You Use Them?

We look at what digital door locks are, the benefits of installing them, how you can increase company security, and how you can use digital locks in your house. This topic also discusses which types of doors may be equipped with digital locks.

What exactly are digital door locks?

Digital Door Lock are a low-cost, simple-to-install security option for facilities that require a secure way of access control but where key or card distribution is impractical owing to the number of individuals entering and leaving the facility. They also give a keyless method to access company building, residences, and schools without having to carry a bunch of keys with you all the time.

There are 2 types of digital locks:

  • Electronic – required electricity (either electrics or battery)
  • Mechanical – mechanically driven push button locks do not require any electricity.

What kinds of electronic digital locks are available?

  • Electronic keypad – just an enter a code to gain entry
  • Biometric – Fingerprint recognition
  • Smart Cards – often used in hotels and office building

What types of doors may be equipped with a digital lock?

Digital door locks, depending on the type, can be placed on a variety of doors, including timber and multi-point UPVC.

  • Doors Made of UPVC
  • Doors made of wood and timber
  • Doors made of aluminum and glass
  • Doors on the Outside

Suppliers will provide a variety of security levels, ranging from low priority interior door installations to light, medium, and heavy-duty choices. Even when put on outdoor doors and subjected to heavy traffic or intense use, the most durable digital door locks will be able to sustain all but the most forceful attacks and will give many years of reliable service.

What are the benefits of utilizing a digital door lock?

  • Keys are no longer required — there is no need to have spare keys prepared.
  • Keyless entry eliminates the need to cope with lost keys.
  • Perfect for houses when nurses/caregivers may access the property simply entering the code as usual. Additionally, family members can use their own key without having to bother about changing codes.
  • Quick access – some employ remote controls, allowing you to enter the property fast even if it is pouring.
  • It is compatible with current door lock fittings.
  • Internal and external application
  • Ideal for usage at home, at offices, in flats and apartments, in schools/colleges/universities, and in restricted regions.

Where are digital locks most commonly used?

They are commonly used in public facilities such as hospitals, companies, and schools, which may have a number of digital locks distributed around the building to secure different sections, as well as in residential houses where many caretakers or nurses require independent access.

Advantages between key and electronic locks

Because there is nothing that may go wrong, digital door locks can last for many years. Because their functioning is so simple in comparison to ‘high tech’ electronic access control choices like biometric fingerprint readers.

  • Since they are totally self-contained, digital door locks are quick and simple to install.
  • There is no additional hardware required.
  • Ideally suited for low-cost systems.

Reprogramming of digital door locks is possible at any moment.

Because digital door locks can be simply and swiftly reprogrammed, security can be immediately restored if breached or if personnel changes occur.


  • It is more practical than giving keys to students and teachers.
  • To maintain security, codes can be changed at the end of each school term.
  • Students and professors who have departed may be denied access.

The same is valid for home security, as caregivers and nurses typically work shifts, and if a member of staff quits the organization, the code can be changed immediately.

Set free entrance throughout the day and code only entry after hours.

Some applications may only require security at certain times of the day, in which case the digital door locks can be programmed for free passage during the day and then code-only admission outside of typical business hours to offer security for individuals staying in the building.

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