Tips for a Malaysian manpower agency to enhance its business methods and procedures

Manpower agency in Malaysia is known to be an extremely popular and ever-demanding industry of choice for an individual to pick on. Simply because investors from China and from
other parts of the world are keenly interested in investing and expanding their business horizons
in Malaysia. Malaysia is known to be a strategic land that acquires many raw materials, making
it highly likely for people to invest in Malaysia for manufacturing sectors.

However, establishing a manpower agency is never something that everyone is able to tap their
feet on, as the expanding challenges make it extremely unlikely for the ones without knowledge
to adapt to the Malaysian market. Plus, it is vital that individual seeking into expanding in this
industry is able to take up and handle the amount of task that is being tossed upon.

Here are some of the steps on how to enhance the manpower agency business in the Malaysian market;

1. To abide by the organization’s vision and mission

Every organization must establish a strong vision and mission on how they would like their
organization to be structured. Therefore, it is important that these organizations stick by their
motives and objectives. Having a stable and systematic structure helps one with a good
organizational structure and helps them in building their organization towards the right direction.

2. The corresponding goal with the marketing and recruitment

In an organization, it consists of various individuals with different departments and expertise,
however, what binds everyone together is indeed the organizational goal, as this proves the
importance of establishing vision and mission for the point above. Most, Malaysian manpower
agencies must put in the practice of corresponding the goals of marketing and recruitment team.

For instance, if there are certain procedures in the inability of recruiting manpower for a certain
type of manufacturing industry. It shall prevail that both the recruitment and marketing team
must work cohesively to accommodate each other needs. However, this is not really applicable
for a foreign worker agency in Malaysia particularly in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor.

3. Ensure to accommodate to client’s needs and requirement

Client’s have always established their grounds upon the meet and discussion on how they would
expect the service to them to be like. Therefore, it is important to accommodate the needs of
clients. Many instances, in which marketers or recruiters may take their tasks not seriously which
resulted in a very negative implication that affects not only the revenue of the company but also
the reputation of the organization making it even harder to secure sales for the company.

Finally, these are some of the minor suggestions that an organization shall put into practice for
their organization. In the hope, this may help in

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