8 Different Types of Architects

Architects are the individuals who create the structures we see every day. They build anything from museums to schools to houses. Architects have a wide range of specialties and personalities, but they all want the same thing: for their ideas to create a positive impact on the world.

Architects work with either commercial businesses or government bodies such as city planning departments. Some architects specialise in interior design, while others specialise in land development—they may even be referred to as landscape architects! The list is endless because there are so many different careers available for architects! An urban designer, for example, is someone who plans how our cities expand by considering factors such as zoning rules and transportation infrastructure.

Commercial Architect

The most acclaimed and well-known architects are frequently those that develop city-defining high-rise structures. These commercial architects will get the chance to work on career-defining projects. However, these initiatives are frequently not just public, but also require direct client interaction. There is a lot greater pressure because any mistakes might be career-ending. Commercial architects must consider not just the client’s individual needs and wishes, but also the significantly more detailed rules surrounding commercial structures.

Residential Architect

Residential architects create residences for private construction companies or estate development corporations. Although it is often seen as a less prestigious alternative when compared to prominent monuments and skyscrapers, many great architects have also worked on residential houses. Creating a beautiful and practical house may be a challenging task. It is very necessary for a home architect to be conversant with local building standards and neighbourhood constraints to adjust their ideas. Furthermore, because many designs are employed in several projects, it is critical that the designs be quickly adapted to accommodate a wide range of estate sizes and forms. Residential architects are also the finest choice for house additions.

Sustainable / Green Design Architect

An increasing number of businesses are considering the environmental effect of their development and the quantity of greenhouse gases produced during construction and operation. This is where a green design and construction strategy comes into play. It is critical for sustainable design to have a complete grasp of how to lessen a building’s environmental effect. This might involve everything from the building’s construction processes and materials to its heating and lighting. As a result, it is customary for a sustainable architect to be significantly more involved in the building’s construction than other architects.

Industrial Architect

Because industrial architecture specialises in the design and construction of warehouses, factories, and data centres, among other things, it is critical that they be professionals in developing practical and efficient structures. An industrial architect must understand the use case of each zone of the building and be capable of integrating the necessary equipment and machinery in a way that provides the most streamlined usage of the finished structure. Because of the complexities of some of these projects, it is usual for industrial architects to employ the client’s or an industry specialist’s skills to develop the best layout feasible.

Conservation Architect

Architecture encompasses not only the design of new structures, but also the repair and preservation of old building structures. It is critical that these structures be safeguarded from the elements so that they can be enjoyed by future generations. Conservation architects must understand how to maintain structures while also honouring the historical architecture of the historic building. Furthermore, there are other constraints put on listed structures that the architect must understand and operate within.

Landscape Architect

The need for landscape architects has never been greater, since many development projects now feature green spaces such as parks and sidewalks. These firms are experts in the design of outdoor places such as public gardens, golf courses, and orchards. They must be well-versed in horticulture because they will oversee which plants are utilized and were. It is critical that they understand which plants will be suited for the project’s environment, as well as how much room and upkeep each plant would take. Furthermore, because many green spaces are planned for previously industrial zones, it is critical that they can develop these places while taking prior usage of land into account.

Urban Designer

In comparison to other types of architects, urban designers rarely work on a single building or project. They will instead concentrate on city planning initiatives. This might entail enhancing the current city and its infrastructure in preparation for the development of a new area. An urban designer’s major focus will be on municipal zoning to guarantee that housing, commercial, and industrial space are placed in a sustainable and appropriate infrastructure not only for present plans but also for future expansion.

Interior Architect

Many people believe that interior designers and architects accomplish the same thing, yet they are not. An interior architect oversees making sure that the space is utilised to its best potential. This may entail employing current building and planning concepts, as well as a technical grasp of the space’s use case.

This blog has discussed eight distinct types of architects. Hopefully, you now have a clearer idea of which type would be the greatest fit for your project and budget! If not, don’t panic; our team is here to assist you throughout the process. IPM Professional Services can manage any size work with ease, thanks to over 50 years of combined expertise in architecture design and planning. We’ll handle everything from idea creation through construction plans, so you’ll never have to worry about anything architectural again! Are you ready to begin? Why not get in touch with our helpful team right away?

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