Sustainable interior design trends for 2021

Repurposed decor

The pandemic prompted many people to look at architecture differently this year due to the pandemic. Most of the people focused on repurposing and reusing items like furniture and accessories in the past year, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming year. This is related to longevity and can be achieved by either investing in higher-quality items that cost more but last longer or by spending more time thrifting to save money. Finding a unique item, whether antique or simply recycled, has a special quality that makes it one of the most satisfying and simple ways to design sustainably.

Natural elements

Staying indoors for longer periods of time in 2020 has left many of us yearning for a stronger link to the natural elements we’ve always relied on. It’s no wonder that more people took up gardening and indoor plants as a new hobby during the pandemic. An indoor garden or the use of more organic materials in your design are two easy ways to do this. Even better, adding a few plants to your place aids in better air quality and may even help brighten your mood.

Energy efficiency

This is a simple one, as adding more energy-efficient appliances will appeal to a variety of designers. Although high-energy-efficiency appliances can be more expensive in some cases, they typically reduce utility costs and may even pay for themselves in a short period of time. Not to mention, they are better for the environment as well, something that has been on everyone’s radar due to the global climate crisis.

Sustainable building materials

Organic options like wood, wool, and stone are great choices, but being mindful of where our building and design materials come from is becoming more important. This is partly because obtaining fair-trade materials and determining whether they were extracted with minimal environmental impact has become much simpler. It’s also important to be aware of legitimate certifications, like FSC-certified wood from sustainable forests, for building materials to avoid potential greenwashing.

Modular spaces

It’s no secret that we love the modular design here at Inhabitat, so we’re hoping to see a lot more of it in 2021. Modular spaces not only allow for the creation of a completely hybrid experience in a smaller room, but they also have environmental advantages in terms of construction. Incorporating modular design into your home is a fantastic way to save space, allowing you to do more with less.


Modular spaces and objects also encourage minimalism, a trend that is growing in popularity year after year as the world’s resources become scarcer. One of the easiest ways to live sustainably is to buy what you need and limit single-use purchases. According to the Trend Book, “Luxury Minimal Design is a top inspiration.” “The clear spaces are becoming more desirable for decor enthusiasts. Spaces with few pieces of furniture are the inspiration for 2021.” Minimal furniture and accessories, especially those made by hand or natural materials, can add a touch of luxury to any space.

Smart tech

Smart technology that makes the home more eco-friendly will be another major trend in 2021. Future technologies, such as 5G, may play an increasingly important role in home design.” 

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