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Many homeowners don’t prioritize remodeling until a problem arises that requires repair. In fact, a roof keeps your home dry, contributes to its overall appearance, and helps reduce cooling bills in the summer. So when it comes time to build a new house or redo an old roof, it’s worth considering all your Roofer remodel Bellevue options. Here are some areas to consider carefully before starting any such work.

Reputable Contractor of Roofer remodel services Bellevue

When considering a contractor, don’t fall into any traps and don’t fall victim to an unqualified roofer. Here are some ways to prevent disaster from happening.

Evaluate – Evaluate the contractor before hiring. Don’t be easily seduced by advertisements. Instead, conduct a personal evaluation of each company. Ask each candidate for references and conduct a personal interview.

Review bids – Contractors know how to manipulate bids, so review each bid thoroughly. See what’s included in each bid, such as labor costs, material costs, and the length of time to complete the project.

Compare bids – Make some comparisons between different bids. Go online and research different roofing products and their costs; compare the results with what each contractor’s bid shows.

Become knowledgeable – Try to learn roofing basics. Learn what to ask when interviewing each contractor. Know what to expect when the work begins so that the remodeling effort achieves all necessary goals.


When choosing to use wood shingles in a remodeling project, there are several aspects to consider during the selection process.

Cost – Measuring the roof for rating purposes. Shingles are typically priced per square foot (100 square feet). Asphalt shingles top the list, with prices ranging from $50 to $150 per square. Keep in mind that this cost only includes the cost of installing the new product, not the cost of removing the old product.

Warranty – Manufacturer’s warranties on new roofs range from 20 years to lifetime. The warranty period indicates the expected performance and suitability of the final product. For roofing contractors, they usually offer a workmanship guarantee, which can be any number. It is somewhat indicative of the level of workmanship each builder feels is provided for each customer’s roof. It is also common for contractors to provide service for any manufacturer warranty issues that may arise.

Design – The design of the roof and its slope may limit shingle options. Once a professional contractor determines the slope angle, the company can assist in selecting materials that will fit the existing roof design and slope. Of course, if the entire roof system is to be remodeled, the slope will change, which will affect shingle selection.

Any additional retrofit issues can be discussed with your roofing contractor. Let them do the hard work and make the renovation easier here:

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