How Does A Walkie Talkie Work?

What is a walkie talkie?

A walkie talkie is a portable, handheld radio communication device that can be used to connect a transmitter to one or more receivers. Unlike a mobile phone, they are driven by batteries and do not require a network signal to operate. Walkie talkies work on a half-duplex channel, which means that while only one signal can be transmitted, one or more receivers can listen to it at the same time.

Walkie Talkie Malaysia

How people can benefit from a walkie talkie ?

Walkie talkies can make communication simpler, they are perfect for outdoor activities like jungle or mountain trekking. In addition, walkie talkie plays an important role in the industrial sector as safety and security equipment. With the growth of long-distance connectivity, walkie talkies can even connect to two distinct towns and can be used as efficiently as a mobile phone.

Uses of Two-Way Radio

Walkie talkies are now used in a number of areas because they are much cheaper and operate in locations where a mobile phone does not have a network signal to operate. Armed forces, police and firefighters, rail and airport personnel, security networks around the world, hotels, resorts, major industries, etc., are all regular users of this device.

Two-Way Radio Malaysia

Physical Features of Walkie Talkie

A typical walkie talkie contains a small portable body with an antenna for receiving signals, a speaker for hearing a voice signal and a microphone for speaking. Walkie talkie is recognized by the push-to-talk button to be pressed whenever an individual requires to talk and be released from the other side to hear.

Walkie talkie also come with extra features based on the necessity to assist the user. Some walkie talkies will offer additional features such as a high-powered torch, dust resistant, water resistant, long-lasting batteries and additional accessories such as multi-unit charger, adapter, noise removing headsets, surveillance accessories, etc.

Walkie Talkie Usage & Application

Frequency Bandwidth of Walkie Talkie

All walkie talkies operate at a specified bandwidth of frequency. The following is how the walkie talkie generally works when a user who wants to communicate. First of all user need to press the push-to-talk button. When speaking through the microphone, the analog voice signal is transmitted to the carrier wave. The radio signal is now transmitted through a specific channel. Finally, the push-to-talk button for the receiver to start the communication.

Looking for one?

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