How Buying Organic Bath Towels Help The Circular Economy and The Environment

If you keep up with trends, you will realize that “switching to everything organic” is the newest talk of the town. But, it is not a silly bandwagon that everyone is jumping on. Remember that every time you make a decision to purchase something, you are contributing to its production. The regular synthetic towels are dyed in chemical solutions and treated with synthetic additives. Think that you will be wiping your face with that. Jeez! Organic bath towels speare the best alternative to regular bath towels. Obviously, suddenly switching to organic towels will neither radically transform the economy nor will clean the environment. But, it’s an important start. Choosing the better option will ultimately benefit you in the long run.


Suddenly, you have taken the decision to switch to organic towels. That is absolutely fantastic. But, you can’t just dump all your old towels in the trashcan. That would be actually do more harm than good. You can cut them up into little rags and use them as bathroom rugs. You can also paint on them and use them to decorate any part of your living room. Or, it could just be the cloth that your dog chews upon! Recycling is the key point. But, even regulating the making of towels can reduce the environmental damage to a great extent.


The cotton fibers of organic bath towels are manufactured free from any chemical or artificial treatments and dyes. The cotton fibers are made from sustainable long cotton. These make the towels thicker and more absorbent. In turn, they need less soap and also dry far more quickly. They are also delightfully soft. These organic bath towels last for a long time. So, you don’t need to replace them every few weeks. They must, however, be washed frequently to avoid mustiness.


Organic cotton towels are made in a way that minimizes the harm to the environment. They are made in a way that replenishes the nutrients in the soil. The cotton is grown in a way that it doesn’t cause soil erosion. It doesn’t exploit or degrade the soil. Other crops can be grown on that soil easily. The main benefit for the soil is that to grow organic cotton, no artificial and harmful pesticides or insecticides are used to treat the soil. The regular cotton manufacturers do not dispose of such harmful chemicals properly. They are found washed off in lands, destroying water bodies. There has been an alarming increase in rates of pesticides found in agriculture.


Many such cotton milling plants burn coconut shells and other plant waste to generate energy to run the mill. The process is organic from the very core. Spinning mills and weaving industries waste a huge amount of cotton from the time of its harvest to the finished product Organic towels are made from unused cotton. This saves a lot of water and energy. Less land is required which can be used for agricultural purposes. The finished organic bath towel is the same price or even in some cases lesser than ordinary towels. Even the dye that is used is biodegradable, free from any synthetic additives. We also provide a special range of organic bath towels that is specially designed to keep you free from allergy, infection and diseases. It has an anti-microbial infusion.


Organic cotton mills help the farmers get more yield. This helps in the economic growth of farmers. Organic farming is a far more responsible use of land. It causes less soil erosion, saves water and energy, and also replenishes the nutrients in the soul for more diverse farming. This serves the best interests of farmers.


It may seem at first glance, that organic bath towels are more expensive than regular towels. But, they are environment friendly. Also, they last longer than polyester or mixed cotton towels. So, you are actually saving money.

Choosing organic may seem to be expensive and a hassle when choosing from a wide array of websites that claim to offer organic products. Organic towels India brings you a reliable and wide range of pure organic bath towels. You can also buy towels online. So, order away and save the environment!

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