5 Reasons to Employ a Manpower Agency in Malaysia

Everyone agrees that looking for a job is not an easy task, especially when it comes to finding a job that will allow you to advance in your career and pay well at the same time. Moreover, because of the high turnover rate for job vacancies, it has become extremely difficult for a company to hire and retain a perfect employee. As a result, many Malaysian businesses are partnering with manpower agencies and delegating recruitment tasks to these agencies.

The majority of manpower agency in Malaysia serve both employers and employees as clients. Manpower recruitment agencies act as the middle person who bridging the needs of both employers and employees in a more effective and efficient manner. Manpower agencies are recruitment specialists; they can select qualified candidates who are a good fit for the position and the company. Furthermore, they will conduct extensive preparation, such as resume screening, interviews, and perform the background checks, before scheduling the interview between employers and employees. Here are five significant reasons why you should hire a manpower agency:

1 It expedites and simplifies the hiring process.

The very first reason we use a recruiting firm is that companies do not need to conduct interviews, hire, and evaluate candidates, which is time consuming and expensive for the company. It is a common understanding that manpower agencies have a large database containing the job-seeking candidates’ resumes and other information. These agencies have extensive interviewing expertise and experiences. This gives manpower recruitment agencies the advantage of being able to select and filter out job applications that not match the requirements, and they can find the exact fit that a company or organisation requires for a job. All human resource tasks can be outsource to a reliable manpower agency. As a result, the recruitment process will become more effective.

2Provide training & knowledge.

Some foreign worker agency in Kuala Lumpur offer trainings to help employees improve their skills, attitudes, and knowledge in the emerging industry 4.0 and to keep them competent in the future, not to mention, also a workers hostel that complies with RBA. As a result, manpower agencies may serve as a coach, mentor, or educator for their client in addition to being a recruiting agency.

3) They give you what you want.

Manpower agencies not only provide employment, but also match you to the position for which you requested, and at the price that you are comfortable to pay for financially. Besides, the job seekers   must have the necessary skill sets, knowledge, and confidence to meet the market’s expectations. The employees also benefit from these agencies in terms of the career they are dream of.

4) They engage with the job seekers

The Malaysian manpower firm will help job seekers from start to finish with their job search. This will reduce stress for job candidates and assist them at every stage of the recruiting process. The recruitment firm will also keep you informed of your employment status. Whether or not you are approved, they will certainly assist you with every decision and provide you with additional options or possibilities that are feasible at each stage. As a result, using a manpower agency will give you an upper hand on deciding what to do during employment negotiations.

5) Trustworthy.

The recruitment agency in Selangor, recruitment agency in Penang and recruitment agency in Melaka is already trustworthy because they have strong relationships with all of their clients, and they will undoubtedly do their best to provide the most suitable talents to their clients. As a result, you will not have to work as hard to apply to every company, and you will be able to focus your efforts that would otherwise be squandered on applying in other fields, such as time for your family, friends, or yourself. Furthermore, while you are looking for work, the agencies will provide seminars and other activities to help you prepare for your future career. Furthermore, employers and employees are protected by laws, as these agencies are all in accordance with Malaysian labour law.

Working with these foreign labour recruitment firms will save you time and effort, provide you with the skills you need to be competent in the field, provide you with the position you want, and qualify you for the company’s requirements. With these benefits, working with a manpower agency may provide you with additional opportunities to work and gain experience in a variety of industries.

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